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Imran Khan’s 14-day custody is authorized due to the cipher case, as granted by the judge.

At the heart of Attock town, a significant event unfolded this Wednesday. Within the chambers of a special court, a crucial decision was made regarding Imran Khan, the prominent figure at the helm of the PTI party in Pakistan. The verdict decreed his continued confinement in jail for an extended span of 14 days. The rationale behind this ruling pertains to a case centered around a perplexing code that originated in the United States, a subject that has stirred considerable discourse and debate among the public.

In a distinct turn of events, the courtroom session for the case was convened within the confines of Attock jail. Notably, this arrangement came into play merely a day subsequent to a formal notification from the Ministry of Interior. This particular decision was fundamentally rooted in the paramount concern for security measures.

In a recent development this month, a distinctive and dedicated court has been put in place through amendments to the Official Secrets Act. This novel court has been set up specifically for the purpose of conducting trials for those individuals who have been involved in the unauthorized disclosure of confidential information concerning the nation and its armed forces.

The ex-prime minister will have to stay in custody until September 13th. This makes his release from jail delayed even more. The Islamabad High Court had let him go the day before, after they stopped his punishment and three-year jail time for the Toshakhana case.

The judges made a fast choice. They agreed to what Imran Khan asked. He wanted his punishment to be different. They also said he could leave Attock Jail immediately. He was put there starting from August 5 because he was said to have done something wrong. If he promises and gives Rs100,000, he can go out of jail for a while.

Right after the final judgment was given, a unique and special court took action. This court issued a specific order, pointing out that Imran Khan was also placed under judicial remand due to the cipher case. This situation will continue up until the date of August 30th, according to the order.

In a surprising twist, the special court has given an order to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). They want the FIA to bring the person to the court on August 30. They also sent a note to the boss of the Attock jail to let them know about this.

Missing Cipher Case: Imran Khan Gets Booked

At the start of this month, a new incident unfolded as the Federal Investigation Agency took action once again, directing their attention towards the former prime minister. There are suspicions surrounding the possibility that he may have inadvertently misplaced a highly sensitive secret code, one that holds significance for the United States. This occurrence marks a noteworthy development in the ongoing scenario.

In a twist concerning this matter, the division within FIA responsible for countering terrorism has taken a step by lodging an accusation against none other than Imran Khan, the prominent figure at the helm of PTI. This allegation stems from his reported misplacement of a confidential US code. This particular code has long been brandished by the fiery politician as concrete evidence supporting his assertion that Washington played a role in engineering his forceful removal from a position of authority.

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