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Italian Penicillin Soup: A Nourishing Pastina Soup Delight

Italian grandmothers affectionately refer to this comforting dish as "Italian penicillin soup" for its ability to soothe and heal. This one-pot wonder combines tender...



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Which Phone Was the Bestseller Worldwide in 2023?

In 2023, the best-selling smartphone worldwide was not a cheap Android device but rather Apple's expensive iPhone 14 Pro Max. The claim was made by...

Government’s Initiative: 5000 E-Working Centers to Support Freelancers and Startups

Dr. Umar Saif, who looks after the technology and telecom stuff, recently talked to Dr. Shamshad Akhtar, who manages the country's money matters. They...

Jazz Puts Over PKR 13.8 Billion into Pakistan’s Economy During Tough Times

Despite facing economic difficulties, Jazz, Pakistan's leading digital company, has shown its dedication to the country by investing more than PKR 13.8 billion in...

Is 5G Coming to Pakistan in Just 10 Months? Hear What a Top Official Says!

Starting with the exciting news, 5G technology is set to make our lives better with faster internet and more. Some of the world's wealthy...

JazzFi Talk Directly to Any Network via WiFi, a First in Pakistan!

Jazz is one of the top phone companies in Pakistan. They've come up with a cool thing called JazzFi. This lets you call any...


The Significance of bowel cancer stomach noises Awareness: Understanding the Connection

The link between bowel cancer stomach noises, although usually not seen as a direct sign, might sometimes be something to pay attention to. Bowel...

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