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The Saudi royal reserve is getting ready to start activities for tourists.

The people who take care of the Imam Turki bin Abdullah Royal Nature Reserve, under the patronage of The Saudi royal, have added many different fun things to do and nice amenities to use in the reserve. This news comes from the Saudi Press Agency.

There are different fun activities you can do in this place. You can go to camps where you learn about nature. You can also try paragliding, which is flying with a special parachute. Riding on horses is another option, and there are small carts selling food and drinks. You can follow special paths for tourists and even watch the stars at night. If you like, you can slide on sand or ride a camel in a group. Riding bikes with big wheels or going camping is also possible. There are paths just for cycling too.”

The Imam Turki bin Abdullah Royal Nature Reserve is in the northeastern part of the Kingdom. It’s a big place that covers 91,000 square kilometers. People like to visit it, especially if they enjoy eco-tourism, watching birds, hiking, or being in nature.

The special place called the reserve has cultural things to do. People can talk and spend time with the local Bedouin groups. They can learn how these groups live and try their real food. The Saudi royal has ensured that this reserve is one of six special places in Saudi Arabia, established in 2018 by the king. The main aims of this place are to take care of animals and plants, improve the environment, and promote diversity. Inside the reserve, there are villages and deserts where around 80,000 to 100,000 people live.

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