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Government’s Initiative: 5000 E-Working Centers to Support Freelancers and Startups

Dr. Umar Saif, who looks after the technology and telecom stuff, recently talked to Dr. Shamshad Akhtar, who manages the country’s money matters. They had a chat about some important ideas to help our IT and new business world. In their talk, Dr. Umar Saif said that our government plans to create 5,000 e-working spots all over Pakistan. The main idea is to help people who work on their own projects by giving them loans without interest. These spots will have cool stuff to help new businesses grow everywhere in Pakistan.

Pakistan to Establish 5,000 E-Working Hubs Nationwide

During the meeting, they talked a lot about creating a special fund with the government’s support. Dr. Saif believes this fund could help more foreign investors get interested in Pakistan’s startup world.

The IT minister said that they plan to create 5,000 e-working centers for freelancers. These centers will be like special places for freelancers to work together. They won’t just give out interest-free loans, but they’ll also help set up these places. These e-working spots will have nice things for people to use. The minister said this will make lots of new jobs for people.

One of the big ideas we talked about was using US Dollars freely in space. The IT minister explained that this could make investors feel more confident. This might also encourage people to move their bank accounts from other countries to Pakistan. As a result, more dollars would come into Pakistan, and our IT exports would grow quickly. Dr. Saif emphasized that the government is determined to attract investments, both local and foreign, in Pakistan’s IT sector. He’s also planning to visit Saudi Arabia soon to look for investment chances in IT.

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