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New iphone 15 Expected Price, Launch Date, and Specifications

This year, Apple is getting ready to launch the iPhone 15. People who like Apple products are really looking forward to seeing what it looks like for the first time.

Even though iPhones cost more than many other phones, people who really like Apple products still choose only iPhones and other devices from Apple.

As the day when it will come out gets closer, people are looking up the iPhone online to find out more about it.

Every year, Apple makes new gadgets. The newest ones cost more than the older ones. Many people like Apple’s system called iOS more than Android. They like it because it keeps their stuff safe, gives them privacy, has a good camera, and works fast.

iPhone 15 Launching Date :

The new Apple iPhone fifteen will come out in the beginning of September. People are already talking a lot on the internet about how the price might go up for this fancy new phone.

Specs People Are Talking About :

People are saying that the big smartphone company will do the same as before this year. Just like the older Apple iPhone fifteen, the new one will come in different types. The normal one will cost the least. There will also be the iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and the iPhone 15 Pro Max in the series.

Many folks are saying that the new iPhone fifteen won’t use the usual lightning connector. Instead, they think it will have a different kind called USB-C. Some people also think the phone will come out with chips made by Qualcomm.

iPhone 15 Prices in 2023 :

Models Expected Price
iPhone 15 – $799
iPhone 15 Plus $899
iPhone 15 Pro $1,099
iPhone 15 Pro Max $1,299



Guessing How Much the iPhone 15 Might Cost in Pakistan :

The government of Pakistan raised taxes by a lot because they added extra tax on imported mobile phones in the new budget. This happened because the country doesn’t have enough dollars, and the local money has lost a lot of its value.

Because the cost might go up by $100, the extra PTA registration fee for the iPhone 15 series would be about Rs150,000 for people with passports and about Rs170,000 for people with ID cards.

They think the iphone fifteen Pro will begin at more than Rs500,000 in Pakistan.

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