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America Calls for Full Investigation into Election Fraud Claims in Pakistan

America Wants Full Investigation into Election Fraud Claims in Pakistan, Will Monitor Progress.

US State Department Spokesperson Matthew Miller said in a press briefing that they will work with the government elected by the Pakistani people and want to see a complete investigation into the allegations of election fraud.

They said there is a need for a thorough investigation into the allegations of fraud, wanting to see investigations into irregularities. However, they also respect democratic processes.

They emphasized the importance of rule of law, respect for the constitution, free press, and respecting dynamic civil society. They condemn violence related to politics and elections, restrictions on internet and phone services. These actions have negatively impacted the electoral process. They urge for a complete investigation under the Pakistani legal system into allegations of interference and fraud.

The spokesperson for the US State Department stated that Pakistan’s legal system would be the appropriate first step for conducting impartial investigations. We believe this is the right course of action to take. If further steps are needed for investigations, they can also be considered.

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