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Collecting Data from All Users, Twitter Teaches Its AI

Introducing the rebranded “X,” which is the fresh identity of the once-familiar Twitter. Significant shifts have taken place in their approach to safeguarding privacy. A captivating revelation is their intention to harness user-generated content for the enrichment of their AI capabilities. This revelation naturally prompts contemplation: what specific categories of user data will “X” opt for, in order to empower their AI endeavors?

Talking about Elon Musk, the person who runs X, he has come forward to tell everyone that the AI learning of the company will solely make use of information that’s already available for everyone to read and see. This kind of information includes the things that people share and post on the internet. However, when we dig into the privacy rules of X, a difference comes up. These rules mention that they will collect more kinds of information, like details about your body, the jobs you’ve done before, and where you’ve learned things in the past. They’re interested in having this extra information to ensure safety, security, and also to be able to properly identify individuals.

Isn’t it quite the twist? Once upon a time, Musk had some strong words for Microsoft, accusing them of taking X’s data without a nod. But now, he’s taken the wheel at X and is steering it in a direction akin to Facebook. His aim? To put to use things that users whip up, even if it’s without their clear say-so or a paycheck. This shift in the wind shows how more and more folks are realizing the goldmine in having a steady flow of user-crafted stuff. It’s as if a light bulb’s gone off, showing us that the heart of AI’s success beats to the rhythm of user-generated content.\

With these recent happenings in mind, it’s easy to see that Musk’s actions on social media might not always match our predictions. This could lead X to transform in ways we didn’t anticipate, impacting its users and the digital world as a whole.


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