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Gaza: Israel Targets Palestinian Scientists and Scholars.

In the ongoing conflict in Gaza, several Palestinian educators and scientists have been killed in Israeli attacks. According to European human rights organizations, Israel deliberately targeted these individuals, exemplifying a disturbing trend where Gaza becomes not only a battleground for territorial disputes but also a zone where intellectual progress and scholarly pursuits are stifled through violence. Gaza: Israel Targets Palestinian Scientists and Scholars, thereby exacerbating the already dire humanitarian situation in the region and hindering the prospects for future generations striving for knowledge and advancement.

Non-local media reports indicate that for the past 130 days, many Palestinian educationists and scientists have lost their lives due to Israeli aggression.

Additionally, as a result, schools and universities have been forced to shut down, leaving many students without access to education. Furthermore, the lack of resources and infrastructure due to the conflict has further hindered the ability for students to continue their studies. Consequently, the future of education in Palestine remains uncertain as the conflict continues to take a toll on the educational system.

Some notable scientists and educationists who have been martyred include:

Ameen al-Bahiti:

Despite the interruption of basic amenities like food, water, and electricity by Israel, people were forced to evacuate during intense bombings. Additionally, Ameen al-Bahiti, a 24-year-old from Gaza, was a dentist and an assistant lecturer at Al-Azhar University. Consequently, his body was found two days after leaving his home.

Adham Husona:

Adham Husona was a professor at Gaza and Al-Aqsa University. In addition, he was a freelance journalist. According to the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), Adham was martyred, along with his family, in an Israeli airstrike on December 1, 2023.

Jehad Al-Masri:

Additionally, Jehad Al-Masri was a historian and the director of the Gaza branch of Al-Quds University. However, he was injured in an Israeli shelling in Khan Yunis and succumbed to his wounds on October 17. Furthermore, Al-Masri was known for his published research articles in national and international journals on Islamic history and Palestinian narratives.

Tareq Tehabite:

Tareq Tehabite, a professor in Gaza, was also a student of developmental economics at the Islamic University of Gaza. His research focused on empowering small business owners in areas like Gaza. He was martyred in an Israeli attack on November 15.

Sufian Tayyeh:

Sufian Tayyeh served as the president of the Islamic University of Gaza and was a leading researcher in mathematics and physics. He had won the Palestinian Islamic Bank Award for his scientific research and was among the top 2% of scientific researchers globally in 2021. He was martyred in an Israeli airstrike on December 2.

Sereen Mohammad Al-Attar:

Born in 1984, Sereen Mohammad Al-Attar was an expert in gynecological diseases and a professor at the Islamic University of Gaza. She was a skilled medical professional who worked for the United Nations Relief Agency (UNRWA). She was martyred in an Israeli airstrike on October 11.

Raed Qaddoura:

Raed Qaddoura was a PhD scholar from Malaysia’s National University. He was martyred in an attack on November 29. According to reports, his twin babies were born just two days before his martyrdom. He is remembered as a vigilant and committed writer and thinker.

Sahar Yaghi:

Sahar Yaghi was a well-known psychology expert and professor who worked in the Gaza Ministry of Education. He also worked for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency. Sahar, along with his wife and children, was martyred in an Israeli airstrike.

Ibrahim Al-Astal:

Ibrahim Al-Astal was a professor and the dean of the Islamic University of Gaza. Additionally, he was known for his programs aimed at improving the quality of technical education in Gaza’s universities and colleges. However, tragically, he, along with his wife and daughters, was killed in an Israeli airstrike on October 23.

Saeed Al-Dahshan:

Saeed Al-Dahshan was an international law expert and author. In his book, he proposed legal strategies to hold Israel accountable for violating international laws. Additionally, he, too, was martyred in an Israeli airstrike along with his family.

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