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ICCI Urges Supportive Environment for New Businesses and Startups

Speaking in Islamabad, Ahsan Zafar Bakhtawari, President of the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry, discussed the necessity for government policies that nurture entrepreneurship and startups. He emphasized that Pakistan has a predominantly young population, with over 60 percent being youth. Therefore, Bakhtawari stressed the importance of providing these young individuals with business education to empower them with the knowledge needed for starting and running successful businesses. This, he believes, will play a crucial role in boosting the country’s economic development. Bakhtawari shared these insights while delivering the keynote address at Business Summit 23, a collaborative event between Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry and The Career Class, held in their auditorium.

Ahsan Bakhtawari emphasized that the government can’t provide jobs for all educated young people. He believes the best solution is to encourage and support them to become entrepreneurs instead of job seekers. By fostering a culture of entrepreneurship, Bakhtawari hopes to see many young individuals start their own businesses and eventually become the creators of jobs for others.

He also highlighted the initiatives taken by ICCI to promote youth entrepreneurship and economic empowerment for women. Bakhtawari reiterated ICCI’s commitment to collaborating with universities and educational institutions to instill an entrepreneurial mindset in young people. He envisions these individuals as the future owners of both national and multinational companies, making significant contributions to the country’s economic development.

Bakhtawari stressed the importance of a collective effort involving the government, academia, and regulators to create a supportive environment for entrepreneurs and startups in Pakistan

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