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Judge Requires Imran Khan to Attend Court, Despite Concerns from Attock Jail

A court in Islamabad asked Imran Khan, the PTI Chairman, to appear today for a case about his marriage with Bushra Bibi, which some people say goes against Islamic rules. But the Attock Jail officials said they can’t bring him because they’re worried about security issues. This is because another case involving Imran Khan is also scheduled to be heard in the prison on the same day.

The Attock Jail superintendent wrote a letter to Civil Judge Qudratullah. In the letter, it was mentioned that Imran Khan is currently in custody and facing charges related to the Official Secrets Act. Imran Khan’s case is being handled by the Federal Investigation Agency’s Counter Terrorism Wing, and he is considered a high-profile under-trial prisoner. This is all in connection with the alleged ‘un-Islamic’ marriage case involving the PTI chairman.

He wrote in the letter that Judge Abual Hasnat Zulqarnain was holding the trial in the jail, so Imran shouldn’t have to come to court for the ‘un-Islamic’ marriage case.

But, according to the police, the PTI chairman was meant to appear before Judge Qudratullah for the case involving an ‘un-Islamic’ marriage. They will also give a list of police officers assigned to protect him at the court to the jail authorities.

They also said that the Attack Jail officials will get the Islamabad police car’s number plates when they take Imran to court.

The police informed the interior ministry about their plan to bring the PTI chief to court.

They said the police would act right away once they got the final instructions for the PTI chief’s court appearance in Islamabad.

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