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Many People Complain to PTA About Phone Companies

During July 2023, the People Complain to PTA Pakistan Telecommunication Authority got a big bunch of complaints – more than 13,000! These complaints came from folks who use various cellphone companies and telecom operators.

We got some info from the government folks. It tells us that companies handled 12,222 complaints out of a bunch, 13,459 complaints in total. But, there’s still a chunk, 1,237 complaints, that they haven’t sorted out.

During that time, People Complain to PTA who use cell phones expressed their dissatisfaction the most. Some individuals also faced issues with Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL), the company that assists in making calls to distant locations, managing local wireless phone services, and offering internet connections. All these incidents occurred simultaneously.

The PTA gathered information and found out that 5,785 people who use Jazz had some issues they wanted to talk about. After looking into these People Complain to PTA problems, the PTA was able to fix and sort out 5,397 of them, making those customers happy again.

In addition, there were 2,241 reports from customers who had concerns about Telenor. Among these, 2,030 complaints were successfully addressed, and the company was able to resolve the problems faced by its customers.

Zong got 3,156 complaints because people were unhappy with it. They fixed 2,791 of these problems. Ufone got 1,641 complaints from people who weren’t happy.

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