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New Hyundai tire twist: safer parking with a 90-degree shift!

Stepping into the spotlight at this year’s grand electronics exhibition was Hyundai, the wizards behind crafting cars, who proudly showcased their latest creation: the Ioniq 5. The twist that sets this car apart: its wheels possess the remarkable ability to pivot a striking 90 degrees. This ingenious feature grants the car the whimsical capability to glide sideways, akin to the sideways shuffle of a nimble crab.

Here’s a fascinating scoop: New Hyundai Mobis, a talented bunch from the Hyundai Motor Group known for crafting car parts, took center stage by crafting the technology behind this groundbreaking innovation. But wait, there’s more! They didn’t just spill the beans verbally – brace yourselves – they unveiled a live demonstration of its magic at CES 2023. And the cherry on top? The splendid stage for this tech wizardry was none other than the sleek and electric Ioniq 5 model, drawing everyone into its futuristic allure.

At the big CES event, a whole new idea was unveiled. This idea didn’t just tweak things a bit – it shook up the whole car world. You know, in the past, cars were pretty straightforward – they moved forward and backward, nothing too fancy. But guess what? The Ioniq 5 car is here to flip that script. It’s got some seriously cool moves up its wheels – it can slide to the side and even pull off some diagonal dance moves. Quite the transformation, isn’t it?

Ever heard of the “e-Corner module” or “e-Corner system”? It’s a super cool idea we’re talking about. This special system does something really neat – it turns the car’s wheels by a whole 90 degrees! And guess what that means? The car can glide sideways like a crab walks. Isn’t that just amazing?

Let’s dive into the world of cars and discover the amazing “e-Corner module.” This fantastic creation by NewHyundai Mobis is like a special recipe of car parts that work together to make steering, stopping, and moving as easy as pie. Picture this: every wheel in the car has its own electric motor, which is like a tiny powerhouse. And guess what? These wheels are connected to a super-duper suspension system that keeps the ride extra smooth and comfy.

In this setup, the driver gets to control each wheel one by one. This means they can steer very precisely and have more control while driving in a way that wasn’t possible before. The way things are arranged now lets the driver do this. It’s a new and improved way of driving that wasn’t available earlier.

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