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The President says it’s okay to change and rebuild the NEC.

At the end of the week, precisely on Friday, President Dr. Arif Alvi granted his approval to the transformation of the National Economic Council (NEC). This assembly operates according to the regulations outlined in the Constitution and is tasked with assessing the financial state of the nation. Subsequently, they strategize ways to assist all citizens and ensure even development across various regions of the country.

The big boss, our leader, has given their approval to the process of reassembling the team of thirteen individuals. This decision was reached by utilizing the guidelines outlined in Article 156 of the Constitution, a set of important rules that help run our country.

At the forefront of the Council stands the Prime Minister, guiding the way. Gathered alongside are the chief ministers representing various provinces, joining hands with the delegates hailing from interim federal and provincial administrations. This collaborative assembly forms the heart of the Council, working together in unity and harmony.

In some news that just came out, there’s word from the President’s side. They’ve mentioned that S.M. Tanvir, the person who handles stuff like power, industry, trade, and investment, will now be part of the Council, and he’s going to be representing Punjab. On top of that, there’s another interesting tidbit: Muhammad Yunus Dhagha, the one responsible for things like money, taxes, planning, and progress, is going to be joining the NEC crew all the way from Sindh. This news sure adds some new faces to the mix, doesn’t it?

Just like that, following a similar path, Ahmed Rasool Bangash, entrusted with the responsibilities of managing finances, taxes, and other related matters, is set to join the Council as a representative from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. In a comparable manner, mirroring this approach, Amjad Rasheed, overseeing the realms of financial matters and revenue, will contribute as a valued Council member hailing from Balochistan.

The NEC will include important government members who handle planning, development, special projects, communication, railways, maritime affairs, power, and petroleum.

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