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Woman Declared Dead in India Comes Back to Life Moments Before Being Set on Fire.

Woman Declared Dead in India Comes Back to Life Moments Before Being Set on Fire.

According to Indian media, this incident occurred in the city of Brahmapur in Odisha on February 1st, where a 52-year-old woman, who was severely injured due to burns from a fire at her home, was mistakenly declared dead.

According to media reports, the woman’s husband rushed her to the hospital for immediate medical assistance, where doctors assessed that the woman’s body was burned up to 50 percent.

The woman, from a poor family as reported in the media, was taken home by her husband due to their inability to afford medical treatment, where she battled between life and death for several days.

In a family interview with the media, it was further revealed that on Monday, the woman did not open her eyes and it seemed as if she was not breathing. We thought she had passed away, so we informed our family members about her death.

According to media reports, preparations were made by the family to carry out the woman’s final rites without confirming her death or obtaining a death certificate.

Indian media reports reveal that preparations to set the woman’s funeral pyre were in the final stages when she suddenly opened her eyes moments before. Surprised family members immediately rushed her to the hospital. This astonishing incident of a woman declared dead in India coming back to life moments before being set on fire has stunned many.

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