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Indian Actress Wants to Work in Pakistani Dramas.

Esha Malvia Eyes Pakistani Drama Roles: Viral Interview

Esha Malvia, a contestant from the renowned Indian reality show Bigg Boss 17, has recently sparked interest with her comments regarding a potential venture into Pakistani dramas. In a viral interview circulating on social media platforms, Esha was asked by the host about her interest in expanding her acting horizons across borders, particularly into Pakistani dramas. Responding with enthusiasm, she expressed her desire to explore roles in such dramas, envisioning herself collaborating with Pakistani talents and being part of narratives that transcend cultural boundaries. Esha’s openness to embracing new opportunities reflects a growing trend of cross-border collaborations in the entertainment industry, fostering cultural exchange and artistic innovation.


The host elaborated on the common portrayal of slim and beautiful heroines in Pakistani dramas, suggesting that Esha’s appearance aligns with the typical preferences of such productions. Despite the cultural differences, it’s evident that Pakistani dramas continue to seek actresses who fit this mold.

Esha Malvia Open to Pakistani Dramas, Stays Focused on Indian Career

Responding to the query, Esha expressed openness to the idea of accepting an offer to work in Pakistani dramas if the opportunity arose. However, she made it clear that her primary focus and preference remain on pursuing her acting career in India.

Esha’s statement sheds light on the evolving dynamics of cross-border collaborations within the entertainment industry. While she acknowledges the appeal of exploring new avenues in Pakistani dramas, her loyalty to her home country’s film and television industry remains unwavering. However, amidst the ever-expanding global reach of media platforms, her interest in venturing into Pakistani dramas highlights a growing trend of Indian actresses seeking diverse opportunities beyond their native industry.

In conclusion, Esha Malvia’s interest in potentially venturing into Pakistani dramas reflects the growing interconnectedness and exchange of talent between the neighboring nations’ entertainment sectors. Her openness to exploring diverse opportunities underscores the fluid nature of artistic pursuits in the modern era.

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