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New Deadline Announced as Gawadar airport Inauguration Faces Further Delay

The Gawadar airport  opening got postponed again, and this is worrying for government officials and business people. This airport is essential for the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and is getting built with money from China.

He mentioned that the airport and technical equipment from China to Pakistan will be late. The stuff shipped from China to Gwadar by sea should get here this month.

At first, they were going to open something this month, but now the Chinese government says it will happen in March 2024. But Murtaza isn’t sure and thinks it might get delayed again.

The Gawadar airport is an important part of the China-Pakistan partnership. It shows how China and Pakistan are working together to improve roads and transportation, which helps the economy in the area grow.

In 2019, China started building Pakistan’s second-largest airport, which costs $230 million and covers an area of 18 square kilometers. China is funding the entire project. This airport fits into the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor’s goal of improving transportation and trade connections, which should bring more investors and tourists to Gwadar and the surrounding area.

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