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“arshad nadeem recive 1 million for Silver Medal at World Athletics Championship by Ahmed Shehzad”

Arshad Nadeem Silver Medal Triumph at World Athletics Championship Rewarded with Generous Rs.1 Million Gift from Ahmed Shehzad.

In recognition of star athlete Arshad Nadeem’s remarkable achievement,  arshad nadeem recive 1 million check by Pakistani test cricketer Ahmed Shezad . Arshad Nadeem secured the second-place position, earning a prestigious silver medal at the World Athletics Championship held in Budapest, Hungary.

Ahmad Shahzad praised Arshad Nadeem for his incredible accomplishment and expressed how it fills Pakistan with pride.

Ahmad Shahzad said, “Arshad Nadeem did something really cool with this medal! I believe he will win more medals for Pakistan in events like the Asian Games and the Paris Olympics in the future.

Last month, something incredible happened. Arshad Nadeem, from Pakistan, did something no one from his country had ever done before. He threw something really far – 87 meters far! And because of that amazing throw, he won a silver medal at the World Athletics Championship, which is a very important competition. It’s the first time Pakistan got a medal there.

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