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Why Maaz Safdar Deleted His Account: The Reason Behind It

In the vibrant realm of social media, hails Maaz Safder, a shining sensation hailing from Pakistan. As the curtains rose on his journey, it was the dynamic platform of TikTok that he embraced during his tender years. The inception of his adventure into the world of social media commenced right there, where creativity knows no bounds.

However, in the present time, he’s taken up vlogging on YouTube and achieved quite a bit of fame, even though he’s only 23 years old. It’s fascinating to note that his official YouTube channel has managed to attract an enormous following of around 3.51 million subscribers. Notably, this fanbase includes viewers from both India and Bangladesh, which is quite remarkable.

When it comes to sharing updates about his daily life and activities, Maaz Safder has carved out a special place. His unique approach to keeping his fans in the loop about his routines and happenings has garnered quite a following. People really enjoy getting glimpses into what he does every day, and this has become one of the standout features of his online presence.

Just a short while back, Maaz Safder appeared on a TV show hosted by Hassan Choudary. They had a chat about why he decided to get rid of his TikTok account. It was quite interesting to hear his reasons and understand his choice. Hassan Choudary asked questions and Maaz Safder shared his thoughts openly. The show gave us a chance to learn more about his decision.

In a friendly chat, Maaz opened up about his desire to grow and become a better version of himself. He also expressed his ambition to expand his YouTube following in a genuine way, without any shortcuts. Impressively, he managed to turn these dreams into reality and achieved his goals successfully.

When he was speaking, he brought up an interesting point about the audiences on TikTok and YouTube. He explained that these two platforms attract different kinds of viewers. Additionally, he mentioned that he’s currently contemplating the idea of reactivating his TikTok account, specifically with the aim of using it for his business endeavors.

During their conversation, the topic of the “Evil Eye” came up, and Maaz Safder had some thoughts to share. He believes in this idea, but interestingly, he and his wife Saba have a friendly disagreement about whether they should keep parts of their lives hidden due to this belief in the Evil Eye. It’s like a little puzzle where their viewpoints fit together in their own special way.

In a special message, Maaz wanted us all to know that getting stuck thinking about negative stuff isn’t helpful at all. Instead, he suggested that we put our attention on the tasks we’re doing and try to stay positive. He also mentioned the idea of saying prayers to stay protected, but he was sure to point out that there’s no need to hide away because of worries about the Evil Eye. This advice is especially important considering the kind of work we’re involved in. So, let’s remember these wise words from Maaz and keep a positive mindset as we go about our tasks.

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