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Reviving a Gifted Ferrari: Liberty Walk Makeover

Just four years ago, at twenty-one, Gio Petruzziello did something impressive. While many of us were still figuring out money matters, he bought a cool 2010 Ferrari 458 Italia. Spotting it nearby, he brought it home, starting an awesome journey as its owner.

Swiftly personalizing the vehicle, he fitted Novitec springs, introduced new wheels and tires, and replaced the stock exhaust with an IPE titanium system. Rather than keeping it confined to the garage, Gio opted for regular drives, relishing every moment spent behind the wheel.

Presently, you might be questioning how someone so youthful managed to acquire a Ferrari and then invest additional funds in customizing it. Well, the source of this lies in Gio’s flourishing enterprise—LGND Supply Co., a brand he initiated and presently oversees as the CEO. This brand is all about lifestyle goods, including clothing and automotive accessories. What sets them apart is the opportunity for customers to snag one of their specially crafted vehicles by making purchases through their website.

Giveaways are pretty common on social media, but LGND does things differently. They’re super open about it, even keeping a list of past winners and where they’re from on their website. Now, they’re doing their 40th giveaway, and the idea to put up the 458 for grabs came about during their fifth giveaway in 2020, thanks to Gio.

Back in the day, the Ferrari looked sharp with its matte green wrap, dark-tinted lights, and cool black wheels. It traveled all the way to Washington after being won. Skip ahead three years, and Gio, along with his team, contacted the owner to discuss buying it back. They found out the car was in great shape, having been well taken care of and not driven much. Gio had a strong desire to get the car back, and fortunately, the process was smooth, leading to the successful return of the cherished vehicle.

When the car came back, they really wanted to give it a completely new look. So, they decided to take the whole car apart. Even though it wasn’t driven much while it was away, they quickly fixed or replaced some parts that needed attention.

When the outer appearance of the car started taking shape, they added Liberty Walk’s widebody kit. The front part by LB Work has lower ducts built into it, a bigger and clean-looking grille, and a slim splitter just underneath. The flared fenders around the front tires make the car wider, stopping just above the bottom of the front bumper and showing some of the tire when you look at the car from the front.

With Down-star Inc.’s tough billet aluminum gear, the car’s rocking these cool flares at the rear and sides. Take a peek at those custom taillights – they’ve got 3D-printed insides, red LED rings, and bright white reverse lights. Up top, there’s this elevated spoiler giving it an extra edge. And don’t miss the bumper diffuse – LB Works took it up a notch, making it way cooler than the original. Now, the back’s got a sleek carbon hatch with a neat intake duct. Here’s the kicker – the entire ride, aerodynamic kit and all (that’s a $30,000 value), is decked out in glossy Ruby Star vinyl by Inozetek.

To achieve that super low stance when the car is parked, they set up an adjustable suspension. They hooked up a personalized Air Ride Airlift 3H system with a unique air tank and carefully crafted copper hard lines. When the Ferrari is all the way down, its sharp Vossen S21-02 staggered wheels and Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires are neatly tucked beneath the Liberty Walk arches.

Even with the car packing a punch from its 570-horsepower V-8 engine, Gio decided to kick it up a notch for an even better performance and the perfect sound. They installed a RYFT titanium exhaust system with race pipes. Now, the exhaust rocks this sleek bluish finish, and you can catch a glimpse of it through the oval opening in the rear bumper.

Open the easy-to-lift hatch, and you’ll find a revamped engine area decked out with Fab speed’s slick carbon fiber panels, smoothly replacing the original covers. The valve covers got a bright yellow makeover, matching the freshened-up brakes, wheel caps, and the lively interior. Altogether, it makes the car look classy and grabs your attention effortlessly.

After buying the car again, they completely redid the inside. The seats, door cards, console, headliner, and dash got a unique black and yellow leather treatment. Even the carpet and mats are one-of-a-kind. They revamped every switch, button, and knob with black or yellow finishes and added LED backlighting. The process took months, dealing with the quirks of an old Ferrari, and LGND mentioned, “It was a challenge with all the breakdowns along the way.

The car was shown off at the shop’s season finale right before SEMA 2023. It then went to Las Vegas, and we got some pictures. Looking back, they said, “It’s a big step in making the Liberty Walk 458 just right. We’re starting to fix up cars for everyone, and there are more projects like this coming soon.

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