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Pakistan’s Service Companies Set to Showcase Skills at CIFTIS Event in China

To show that Pakistan is becoming more important in the world economy, a group of the best Pakistani service companies are getting ready to take part in a big event called the China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS). This was shared by Ghulam Qadir, who works as a Commercial Counselor at the Pakistan Embassy in Beijing.

Ghulam Qadir said to China Economic Net that a group of top Pakistani service companies will display the country’s skills in different areas like technology, phones, money, and others.

This is Pakistan’s careful plan to make its friendship with China even stronger. They want to work together more and invest money in each other’s projects.

He talked about seven large companies, such as CIFTIS, Special Technology Zone Authority, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), NETSOL, ISBEI, National Bank of Pakistan, National Logistic Corporation (NLC), and Fb Enterprises. They will each have their own spaces at the CIFTIS event. This event will take place in Beijing from September 2 to 6, and they hope to attract Chinese investors.”

He added that two big companies that are experts in making software for finance and leasing, NETSOL and ISBEI Technologies, will show how good they are at financial technology.

On the other hand, NBP would show its banking and money services. It would talk about Pakistan’s strong money sector and how it’s focused on digital banking solutions.

Qadir said that Pakistan taking part in CIFTIS shows a big step for the country to become an important player in global services trade. It’s a special moment in Pakistan’s journey.

While the event is happening, everyone is watching these innovative companies. They are in the spotlight and are helping Pakistan’s economy change and improve. The person is optimistic that CIFTIS can connect China and Pakistan like a bridge. This connection can make trading and working together on the economy better. This information comes from APP.

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