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PTA is doing something about people giving internet services illegally.

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) worked together to take action against a company providing internet illegally. This company was on Walton Road in Lahore. They wanted to stop more illegal companies like this.

In the operation, they found that the illegal company was giving internet without permission. This means they didn’t have the right papers to do it. Because of this, they caught three main people and took away 30 Optical Network Terminals (ONTs), a router, and a server. The FIA closed down the place, and they will look into this situation more to see what should happen next.

The PTA did something really good to stop bad internet services from people who weren’t supposed to offer them. This shows how much the PTA cares about stopping bad stuff, and how hard they worked to do it.

These actions are important because they help stop people from cheating on taxes and lying about how much money they make. This will help the country not lose as much money.

PTA is always trying to make its services better. PTA worked together with FIA before to do many checks. They wanted to stop illegal services that were spreading a lot. Just in May 2023, PTA did two checks in Lahore at Muslim Town and Multan Road. They took away equipment from illegal internet providers. This helped in Rawalpindi too. They found and stopped internet services that were still running even when they weren’t supposed to.

PTA keeps trying to make things better. They also want to stop digital crimes. These actions are important to fight against cyberattacks and illegal services.

People should only use telecommunication services from PTA-approved companies. This way, they won’t have problems with their services.

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