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WhatsApp has introduced a feature that lets you send and receive HD videos.

WhatsApp is making it possible to send really clear and detailed videos to your friends. The company said they were going to do this last week, and now they’ve actually made it happen today for people who use iPhones and Android phones.

Just like the HD photos feature, now there’s a feature for HD videos too. This means you can easily send really clear and sharp videos to your family and friends without doing any complicated stuff to share the files.

Before, when you sent videos using WhatsApp, the app made the videos not as clear by squeezing them a bit. This happened because the app had a limit on how clear the videos could be. But now, things have changed! You can send videos in really clear HD quality, and they can be as clear as 720 pictures all lined up together.

To send videos in HD, you need to do something simple. After you pick the video you want to send from your phone pictures, just tap on the HD button at the top.

After you send the video, the person who gets it will know it’s in HD. They can then decide if they have enough space on their phone and a good enough internet connection to download such a clear video.

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