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Public Assurance: Transparent Election Priority

Last Friday, Murtaza Solangi, in charge of Information, Broadcasting, and Parliamentary Affairs, made it clear that the government is fully committed to ensuring transparent general elections on February 8. He reassured the public that there would be no delay, expressing confidence in Chief Election Commissioner Raja Sultan and dismissing any rumors of his resignation.

In discussions with the media, Solangi avoided delving into the private matters of political parties. Representing the caretaker government, he emphasized a commitment to positive relations with all political groups, steering clear of internal complexities and focusing on a harmonious bigger picture.

Solangi also highlighted the importance of job security for journalists under the PEMRA Amendment Act. He addressed the Balochistan protests, describing them as unpleasant and unnecessary. On a positive note, he shared updates about the release of women and children and the freedom of most men involved, assuring that everyone is safe and protected.

Regarding ongoing issues, Solangi reported the active involvement of the Prime Minister’s appointed team, including discussions with the Governor of Balochistan in Islamabad. He mentioned an upcoming scheduled meeting with the Prime Minister later today, reinforcing the government’s commitment to addressing concerns and ensuring a smooth electoral process.

In essence, Solangi’s statements reflect the government’s dedication to transparency, positive relations, and the well-being of citizens. The assurance of no election delay, confidence in the Chief Election Commissioner, and updates on resolving issues in Balochistan showcase a commitment to a fair and secure democratic process. The active engagement with stakeholders further emphasizes the government’s proactive approach in addressing challenges and fostering a conducive environment for upcoming elections.

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