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manage diabetes Eating good food and staying active

Ever heard of diabetes? It’s a kind of long-lasting health hitch. Our bodies need something called insulin to work properly. Picture this: we had a chat with Dr. Ghullam Hussain Baloch, a friendly doc, on Monday. He spilled the beans that by 2025, Pakistan might be waving its flag as number four in the world’s diabetes chart. He also let us in on a secret – our bodies sometimes play hard to get with insulin, leading to diabetes. So, remember, knowing the score about diabetes is a smart move to manage diabetes and keep well..

In a recent discussion, Dr. Ghullam Hussain Baloch shed light on a pressing matter. He shared concerning news that a vast number of individuals, approximately 415 million, are grappling with diabetes on a global scale. Tragically, the toll of diabetes claims the lives of around 1.5 million people annually. Notably, this concerning trend has found its way to Pakistan, with an increasing number of people falling prey to diabetes. These alarming statistics undoubtedly underscore the urgency of taking decisive actions to combat this prevalent health challenge.

“In the discussion, the topic of concern was diabetes and its impact on health. The speaker highlighted how diabetes poses a significant threat to public well-being. It emerges as the primary culprit behind vision loss, the necessity for limb removals, and the onset of heart and kidney complications. Furthermore, the potential paralysis caused by diabetes underscores its severe consequences. Understanding how to manage diabetes is crucial in mitigating these risks and maintaining overall health “

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