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Sight Can Also Be Affected and How Much Harm Is Our Habit of Using Mobile Phones Immediately After Waking Up Causing to Our Health


The Mobile Phone Has Become a Part of the Human Body That Remains in Our Hands All the Time, From Waking Up in the Morning to Just Before Sleeping at Night.

As Soon as We Open Our Eyes in the Morning, We Pick Up Our Mobile Phones First and Use Them for Five to Ten Minutes, and Medical Experts Have Warned Us About This Habit.

It’s true that mobile phones have brought many conveniences to human life, but their constant use isn’t always beneficial.

As soon as we wake up in the morning, the notifications from various apps on our mobile phones create mental pressure. The continuous updates of work, social media, and news start the day with stress.

Similarly, using a mobile phone before sleeping and right after waking up negatively affects the quality of sleep. The blue light emitted from the screen makes it difficult to have a peaceful sleep.

Moreover, prolonged exposure to the bright screen can lead to eye problems. This can cause strain, restlessness, and a sense of isolation throughout the day, along with concerns about impaired vision.

Waking up to mobile phone usage disrupts cognitive functions. Instead of the brain gradually adjusting to the day, it gets bombarded with information, affecting the quality of alertness.

The habit of distraction worsens significantly when people start using their phones instead of focusing on their tasks upon waking up. This leads to delays in all tasks and undermines time management.

Use your mobile phone, but not at the expense of your health. Prioritize your health and only use your phone when necessary


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