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Pakistan’s 2023 PTA Tax: All About iPhone 14 Pro Max

In recent times, the renowned tech giant Apple, hailing from the United States, pleasantly surprised everyone by revealing a lineup of four distinct models under the name iPhone 14. Presently, a wave of anticipation is sweeping across as people eagerly await the upcoming announcement of the iPhone 15, which is expected to take place next month.

Discover the amazing world of the iPhone 14, Plus, and 14 Pro Max, where their incredible performance stands out. These phones shine with their super-strong chipset, like a powerful brain that makes them work so well. Specifically, the Pro devices are equipped with the impressive A16 chip, which adds to their awesomeness. Now, let’s talk about the iPhone 14 – it’s not just any phone! It boasts a large and captivating screen that’s perfect for all your activities. And the camera? Oh boy, it’s top-notch, capturing the finest moments with great detail. So, whether it’s the Pro devices or the remarkable iPhone 14, there’s so much to explore and enjoy!

Growing fascination for gadgets is on the rise. In particular, premium devices like Apple iPhones have taken the spotlight as the newest fashion statement. People from all walks of life, spanning from the salaried community to businessmen, content creators to entrepreneurs, are gravitating towards Apple phones as a newfound norm.

The really high demand for Apple devices caused their prices to rise. And because the authorities brought in new rules, these devices also ended up with a lot of taxes.

In the realm of taxes concerning phones brought into the country, the Pakistani government has formulated a variety of impositions. These levies encompass Customs Duty, Regulatory Duty, Sales Tax, and Federal Excise Duty. The magnitude of these financial obligations is contingent upon the specific model and distinct attributes harbored within the iPhone you possess.

The PTA has made a new rule about how much tax people need to pay for iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Plus, and Pro Max.

“How much does the iPhone 14 Pro Max cost in Pakistan?”

Around the middle of 2023, a wonderful opportunity awaits tech enthusiasts – the chance to own the remarkable iPhone 14 Pro Max. This cutting-edge device, packed with the latest features and innovations, can be yours for a price of Rs564,999. Don’t miss out on this fantastic offer to experience the future of technology in the palm of your hand!

“Taxes for iPhone 14 Pro Max in 2023 by PTA”

Models Tax on Passport Tax on CNIC
iPhone 14 Rs125,751


iPhone 14 PLUS Rs125,751


iPhone 14 Pro Rs127,000


iPhone 14 Pro Max Rs127,068


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