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Today’s UAE Weather: Forecast Says It Will Get Cooler

If you’re in Dubai and feeling hot, here’s some good news for you! According to the weather team in the United Arab Emirates, things are about to cool down a little on Saturday afternoon. The reason? Expect to see a few clouds rolling in over the Eastern coast. So, you might want to plan some outdoor fun!

The weather report says there will be some wind, but not too strong. The country could get really hot, up to 45 degrees Celsius.

If you’re planning to visit, here’s what to expect: Abu Dhabi could get pretty hot with temperatures possibly going up to 39ºC. Now, if you’re thinking of going to Dubai, which is a favorite spot for tourists, the heat could climb even higher, all the way to 41ºC. Stay cool!

If you’re in Abu Dhabi, you can expect the temperature to possibly reach a low of 31ºC. Over in Dubai, it’s also going to get cooler, with temperatures possibly dropping to 32ºC. So, it’s a good idea to prepare for cooler weather in both cities.

On Saturday morning, the weather folks said we might see some fog or mist in areas by the ocean and also further inland.

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