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Vijay Varma’s Views Changed after Meeting Tamannaah Bhatia

Tamannaah Bhatia and Vijay Varma were recently seen together in a part of Lust Stories 2, which was made by Sujoy Ghosh. They have been going out with each other for a few months now. Both Tamannaah and Vijay often talk about each other’s work and support each other on social media.

They also talk openly about their relationship in front of the public. In a recent talk, Vijay said that when he started working in the industry, he didn’t want to date anyone from the same business. But later, when he started going out with Tamannaah, he realized how nice it is to be with someone who understands the same things he does.

During a conversation with Film Companion, Vijay said, “When I started, I thought I wouldn’t date an actress or anyone from the industry because I was angry at the industry. But when we began seeing each other, I realized the value of having someone who knows the film world well. They understand the creative, business, and practical aspects of movie making.”

Vijay also talked about Tamannaah’s extensive experience and how she helps him see things differently when he’s “feeling a certain way.” He explained, “Her experience, good work, and sensible thinking really help me.

She provides a new way of looking at many things. Sometimes, I struggle because of my emotions on a particular day, due to something I said or an interview I did… and she offers a fresh perspective right away.”

Vijay and Tammannah were rumored to be in a relationship when people saw them together at a New Year’s party in Goa. Recently, Vijay said he feels a bit uneasy about so many people being interested in his personal life. He’s working on getting used to it, though. Before this, he told, “I didn’t even know that we were considered one of the most popular couples.

It’s really nice, but I wasn’t used to it at first. I was used to being alone most of the time. When we go out together, we get a lot of attention…” He also said, “I’m not very comfortable with all the attention, but I’m trying to adjust to it.”


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