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Russia has come close to developing a vaccine for cancer.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has revealed that scientists in Russia are working hard to develop a vaccine for cancer, and soon a vaccine for the deadly disease will be available.

In the Future Technologies Forum television program, the Russian president said that they are very close to developing vaccines for cancer and new-generation medicines. These will soon be available to patients.

They said they hope that the vaccine will soon be used as effective therapy for individual treatment methods.

However, Russian President Putin did not clarify for which type of cancer the mentioned vaccine is being developed.

It’s evident that many countries and companies are working on cancer vaccines. Last year, the British government signed an agreement with the German-based company BioNTech to initiate clinical trials aimed at providing personalized cancer treatment to 10,000 patients by 2030.

Famous pharmaceutical companies like Moderna and Merck & Co are also developing an experimental cancer vaccine. Studies in the intermediate phase of this vaccine reveal that it may significantly reduce the chances of death from the deadliest form of skin cancer called melanoma.


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